Most LGBTIQ relationships are based on love and respect. Some are based on abuse and control. 

Abuse and control within a relationship is domestic and family violence. 

This website is written for people in LGBTIQ relationships who are, or may be, experiencing domestic and family violence. It includes information on: 

  • information about LGBTIQ domestic and family violence; 
  • gaining a better understanding of LGBTIQ domestic and family violence; 
  • safety planning and your rights; 
  • reporting to police and apprehended domestic violence orders; 
  • recovering from domestic violence; 
  • supporting a friend or family member; and 
  • finding information, help and support. 

This new edition gives information about significant changes to policing and support pathways in NSW. 

This resource also contains the contact details for a range of services that can offer information, support and referral to individuals experiencing domestic and family violence.

Only view this website when and if it is safe to do so.



Domestic and family violence can take many forms. To assess your relationship, complete our relationship checklist.