Tales from the Other Side: Stories of LGBTIQ DFV Survival (Video Resource)

This video presents stories of survival from those who have experienced domestic or family violence (DFV) in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) communities.

This video can be used in a team meeting or training context alongside these training notes.

LGBTIQ Domestic Violence Toolkit

A resource for agencies and service providers supporting LGBTIQ victims of domestic violence and their families.

"One Size Does Not Fit All: Gap Analysis of NSW Domestic Violence Support Services" (PDF) (210KB)

"Is Your Service GLBT Friendly?" (PDF) (492KB)

"There's No Pride in Domestic Violence" (PDF) (81KB)

"Tales from Another Closet - Personal Stories" (PDF) (275KB)

"Intersex for Allies" (PDF) (1.3MB)

"Making Your Service Intersex-friendly" (PDF) (1.1MB)

"Your Beautiful Child: Information for Parents of Intersex Kids" (PDF) (2.2MB)

"Calling It What It Really Is" (PDF) (1.3MB)

Resources from the StandUP Campaign

A3 Poster - Version 1 (PDF) (57KB)

A3 Poster - Version 2 (PDF) (57KB)

"One Size Does Not Fit All: Executive Summary and Recommendations of the Gap Analysis of NSW Domestic Violence Support Services in Relation to GLBTI Communities' Needs" - Annaliese Constable, Nancy de Castro, Robert Knapman and Moo Baulch, ACON 2011 (PDF) (217KB)