In an Emergency Call 000

If your partner or ex-partner has hurt you, injured you, assaulted you, is threatening to hurt you, or you are afraid for your own safety or for the safety of other people, you can call 000. 

If you call 000 you will be asked which emergency service you require. If you are injured request the ambulance and the police. If you are in fear request the police. 

Contact a service or someone you trust to talk about your situation 

Call 1800RESPECT Helpline – 1800 737 732

If you feel like you are “walking on eggshells”, or that you are afraid of your partner or ex-partner, or that your partner controls you, call 1800RESPECT to talk about what has been happening. Call 1800 737 732 anywhere in Australia to access information and confidential counselling delivered by qualified, experienced professionals 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Calls to 1800RESPECT can be anonymous you dont need to give your name or your partners name.

1800RESPECT Helpline is the National Sexual Assault Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service, which provides information and support for people who have experienced sexual assault or domestic and family violence. 

1800RESPECT is a 24-hour phone line that is free call from public phones and landlines. For safety reasons please note that if you call from your mobile you will be charged for the call and the number will appear on your phone bill. 

Call NSW DV Line 1800 656 463 or Link2home 1800 152 152

The NSW Government Department of Family and Community Services runs the 24-hour Domestic Violence Line (DV Line) and the Link2home homelessness services line. 

If you are, or think you are, experiencing domestic violence you can call DV Line. Calls to the DV Line can be anonymous – you don’t need to give your or your partner’s name.

The DV Line staff can:

  • arrange accommodation in emergencies; 
  • for people who identify as female (including transgender and intersex women), explain what refuges are and refer you to an appropriate one;
  • for people who identify as male (including transgender  and intersex men), refer you to emergency accommodation;
  • work with you to identify the best accommodation referral if you identify as non-binary, genderqueer or of unspecified sex;
  • refer you to other services like family support, counselling, the police, legal services, court assistance schemes, and hospitals and health centres; or
  • explain what an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) is and how to apply for one.

To contact DV Line call 1800 656 463. This number is free from public phones and landlines. Calls from mobiles will be billed to your account and will appear on your bill.

If you are at risk of homelessness or need to access homelessness services call Link2home. Link2home is a state-wide information and referral service. From 9am to 10pm daily, Link2home will provide callers with information, assessments and referrals to homelessness support and accommodation services across NSW. Link2home staff will contact emergency or crisis housing providers on behalf of people who need help to find out what accommodation and support services are available. 

Link2home staff can: 

  • provide information about local services; 
  • assess what kind of help people need; and 
  • refer people to appropriate specialist homelessness services, support services, temporary accommodation and other services. 

To contact Link2home call 1800 152 152. 

Contact an LGBTIQ domestic and family violence support service: 

  • Safe Relationships Project (SRP), Inner City Legal Centre 

02 9332 1966 | 1800 244 481 | | 

The SRP is a state-wide court support and free legal advice and casework service for LGBTIQ people experiencing or escaping domestic and family violence. The SRP has a Safe Room for LGBTIQ victims of domestic and family violence at the Downing Centre in Sydney. The SRP can provide court support to clients at locations throughout NSW. Whether you have a legal question, need to attend court for an ADVO matter, or need a non-legal referral to a service near you, call the SRP for assistance. 

  • ACON 

02 9206 2000 | 1800 063 060 | 

ACON supports LGBTI people in our communities who have experienced domestic or family violence. If you've experienced violence, whether it's a crime or not (physical, verbal, emotional and other forms of violence either in the workplace, at home or in public), ACON can talk with you about what happened, offer support, put you in touch with services, and provide you with information. 

  • The Gender Centre and the Transgender Anti-Violence Project (TAVP) 

02 9569 2366 | 1800 069 115 | | | | 

The Gender Centre provides services to transgender people, gender diverse people and gender questioning people. The services include counselling, education, support, referrals and advocacy in relation to reporting violence (TAVP) such as domestic and family violence, sexual violence, anti- transgender harassment and hate crimes. Reports to the TAVP can be anonymous.