• Hide a bag with clothes, medication, keys and other important items that you can either exit with easily or leave with someone you trust.
  • Put aside some money for travel expenses, accommodation and food if you have access to money.
  • Make copies of important documents, e.g. car registration, tax file number, title deeds, loan records, Medicare card, drivers licence, account details, prescriptions, passports etc and leave them with someone you trust or take photos of them and store them securely. 
  • Take small saleable items like jewellery.
  • If you have children take clothes for them, medical records and medication, bottles and some of their favourite toys.
  • If you have pets, take food and equipment needed for travelling (e.g. leash, cage, documentation).

“I played along being as nice to him as I could. And saying nothing. I secretly did extra work and saved enough money to move out.” Kent, 35