Most LGBTIQ relationships are built on love and respect. Your past experiences with domestic and family violence may affect how you feel about entering a new relationship. 

There are a range of things you can do to help yourself feel comfortable in a new relationship.  You can work through these strategies with a counsellor or trusted support person.

  • You can negotiate to have the relationship develop at a pace you are comfortable with.
  • Stay in contact with all of the people who support you. Keep trusting your own instincts, but use these people as a sounding board.
  • Be clear with yourself and your new partner about what sort of behaviour you will and won’t accept.
  • Talk with your new partner about your experiences so they understand what you have been through.
  • Keep your finances and other essentials separate until you feel confident to combine them. You may decide that you don’t ever want to combine these aspects of your lives. That’s perfectly OK.
  • Talk to a counsellor about any anxieties you may be feeling.
  • Remember that each relationship is unique. It is OK to negotiate boundaries around emotional, sexual and support issues.